"I Got Skills" Amazon Alexa*

Apparel Design for Developers

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Caffelli was sought out to help build a brand that was ready to harness an enthusiast following. To do this, Caffelli created a campaign featuring custom-designed apparel that would encourage a niche enthusiast audience to develop new “skills” using the Amazon Alexa* Skills Kit. This targeted group of leading-edge developers built out a tremendous variety of new “skills” for use by the larger community.

Research was conducted on the capabilities of Amazon Alexa* to fuel initial design inspiration for concept sketches. The hand-drawn nature of the artwork carried over into the final design, which ultimately featured a clean, crisp look-and-feel and one-color accent to accompany the predominantly white imagery.

Developers Respond

The tremendous success of the project led to the need for larger developer winner pools each month to accommodate the vast number of contributors and community excitement surrounding the campaign. Design feedback was extremely positive; many developers shared their accomplishment on social media along with great t-shirt selfies!

Creative Services Delivered

  • Apparel Design & Final Artwork
  • Developer Selection & Project Management
  • Merchandise Fulfillment & Distribution
  • Community Management