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For Sports Fans

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Solving a Business Problem

We were presented with a very common business problem, that being "How do we create repeat traffic to brick and mortar shops?" After careful consideration, we decided that the goal would be to entice customers with something cutting edge, which we found could be done by implementing an area in the store dedicated to stereoscopic virtual reality videos. These videos would be viewed through Google Cardboard and with new content that unlocks every time a user participated in the in-store experience, encouraging customers to return again and again to experience all the content.

Concepting & Pitching

Our office is full of enthusiastic sports fans, gamers, and overall dynamic individuals that play a key role in allowing us to create and deliver visually unique concepts and strategies. In the concepting phase of this project, we first put ourselves in the shoes of the average consumer. What would they want to see? What would wow them? The conclusion was a total virtual reality fan experience, complete with all-star players dunking on users before inviting them to hang out in the locker room after the game. We're always looking to find an angle that's cutting-edge, and virtual reality offered the most exciting way to deliver the message.

When it came to the pitch, detailed sketches visualizing the in-store setup and the in-app look were created, as well as a flowchart showing how the app encourages customers to return again and again. Plans were drawn up, including the scope of the experience, the costs involved, and the best way to accomplish the ultimate goal of leaving the customers happy and wanting more.

The Result: Going into Overtime

This project was ultimately shelved in order to focus on other technologies currently in production, but the concept was quite well received and has been given as a blueprint for future engagements. We look forward to bringing this level of conceptual and creative thinking to similar projects in the future.

Creative Services Offered

  • App Concept Sketching & Ideation
  • Virtual Reality Experience Creation