Social & 3D Photo Booth Experience

with Bill Nye

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3D Event Photo Booth Experience

When approached by one of our multinational clients to create a social media event experience encompassing depth sensing photography and application design, we were more than excited. We mapped a novel user experience where users could superimpose themselves in front of, behind, or surrounding a celebrity within multiple layers of scenery while experiencing depth sensing technology first-hand. We knew this would achieve the client’s goals while making for a truly memorable virtual experience.

Based on our target audience’s keen love for science and age demographic of application developers, we determined that TV personality, science educator and mechanical engineer William Sanford, more commonly known as “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” would be the perfect fit to feature in the photo booth and supporting social media campaign. Leveraging our agency outreach, we negotiated a win/win deal for our client and Bill Nye. Caffelli and Bill cooked up some “mad science,” experimenting with a variety of poses and props to determine which would best showcase Bill and allow for photo booth users to integrate seamlessly into the scenes.

Going Social

In addition to the experience design, on site event management, and the development of a touch screen self-guided depth sensing application, a Twitter social media campaign was run simultaneously to enhance visibility and boost interest. Real-time social media monitoring was carried out through an on-site admin dashboard and the extended Caffelli team back in Portland to ensure that the highest level of campaign performance was achieved.

Mad Science: Success!

Users responded extremely well to the event photo booth experience—from lining up several times for another chance to pose with Bill, to enthusiastically posting and sharing their pictures online with friends.

Creative Services Delivered

  • Professional Photo Shoot
  • Photo Selection, Cropping & Editing
  • Event Photo Booth Setup, Management & Takedown
  • Social Media Campaign Strategy & Audience Targeting
  • Social Media Content & Imagery Creation
  • Email Blast Content Creation
  • Social Media Campaign Moderation & Management
  • Campaign Analytics Reporting