Utilizing "Influencers" to Reach

Brand Enthusiasts

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Connecting With Enthusiasts

Tapping into a pool of passionate brand enthusiasts via the places they gather is a top priority for companies building meaningful, sustainable brand relationships. This is something in which Caffelli specializes. Through our network of proprietary "influencer" relationships, including bloggers, YouTube personalities, Twitter and TV celebrities and more, we can connect your message to thousands of devoted brand followers. This foundation, combined with our extensive experience directing campaigns and contests that activate and inspire these audiences, enables us to achieve outstanding results.

Online enthusiast communities are loyal to brands they favor, and tend to carry significant clout with their peers. At Caffelli, we run campaigns and contests from start to finish—from contest landing page creation, to promotional ad campaign creation and management, active moderation, legal, prize fulfillment, analytics reporting and more.

Nurturing Connections

We're passionate about reaching those that are passionate about your brand. Since many of Caffelli's staff members are enthusiasts themselves, tapping into this market is a natural fit, and we work hard to continually maximize campaign performance through ongoing community development. If your brand or sub-brand is seeking to grow and maintain an enthusiast following, contact us today.

Creative Services Delivered

  • Influencer Management
  • Paid Media Integration
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Brand Onboarding
  • Content and Product Seeding