Marketing for the

Hillsboro Hops

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Establishing an Enthusiast Brand

As an emerging enthusiast brand, Caffelli was eager to help the Hillsboro Hops Minor League Baseball team connect with hop heads everywhere in a promotional marketing campaign. With our enthusiast know-how and extensive experience in developing custom creative, building tailored marketing strategies, and managing campaigns from start to finish—Caffelli was set to hit this project out of the park.

By exploiting the popularity of the best-selling minor league baseball cap and emerging sub culture brand, Caffelli was primed to grow the team's existing fan base. The Caffelli team worked closely with the client to create assets that would intrigue and entice existing fans, in addition to those with little to no pre-existing knowledge of the team. After several rounds of feedback, the perfect plan of action was decided upon and the campaign was ready for launch.

Hitting a Home Run

The marketing campaign received excellent engagement and reached thousands of viewers—prompting a hefty amount of orders and resulting merchandise purchases. Caffelli is grateful to have been able to champion the marketing efforts for these 2014-2015 back-to-back baseball champs. We look forward to future collaborations and consider this a job well done.

Creative Services Delivered

  • Social Media Campaign Strategy & Audience Targeting
  • Social Media Content & Imagery Creation
  • Social Media Campaign Moderation & Management
  • Campaign Analytics Reporting