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A Novel Idea

We're always seeking to create new and innovative experiences geared towards software and hardware enthusiasts. So naturally, those of us at Caffelli were more than ready to take on the task of creating an interactive social experience to drive engagement at a recent high-tech developer event. We recognized that this target audience is pulled in by the concept of "play," and that tapping into elements of their childhood experiences, such as rock'em sock'em robots and bubbles, would naturally entice them to participate. It was no surprise that an interactive internet of things social media cart featuring tweet-controlled robot punching action would be a hit. Attendees were bound to be excited by the pulsing LED lights, user-activated bubble stream and battery powered chassis that could roam the Moscone Center.

On-Site Social Engagement

To activate the tweet cart, users simply tweeted with designated hashtags and robot commands, making the robots engage in epic hand-to-hand combat. Winners would be rewarded with cheers from the crowd and a steady stream of bubbles from the cart's center console. For inspiration, Caffelli team members looked to the hallmark aspects of pro-wrestling and previous interactive tweet contest design and development experience.

Besides complete top-to-bottom code development and cart assembly, Caffelli handled on-site cart set up, management and event tear-down. All those who interacted with the cart were impressed by the cohesive experience featuring connected components—and of course, some good old-fashioned robot punching action.

The Response

Combining a dose of old-school rock’em sock’em robot nostalgia with novel IoT and open source building blocks made for one knockout of a Twitter contest. Developer attendees were as excited about the contest as we were (and we were pretty darn excited). We look forward to crafting more interactive social media experiences built with the latest technologies in the years to come.

Creative Services Delivered

  • Social Media Cart Concept Creation, Design & Development
  • Cart Fabrication & Sourcing of Materials
  • Event Social Media Strategy & Execution
  • On-Site Cart Setup, Management & Takedown
  • Event Live-Tweeting (Including Photography, Content & Video Creation)