To thine own self be true.

The glorious 'About Us' page—also akin to the 'Profile', 'Who', 'Agency', 'What We Are' and our favorite 'Company' pageslittered with cumulative years-of-experience, fancy titles, dated awards, and the assortment of clever process Venn diagrams. We won't bore you with any of the hard-sell brilliant-creative jargon. Instead know that everything you get from Caffelli is vibrant, well-intended, and true.

True? Yes, true.

To be true is to be honest with brevity. To speak one's mind with respectnot out of the desire to be heard or because we should know betterfor the betterment of all involved. Being true is to not stifle creativity out of fear of failure, where or how any idea is born, or the recklessness of habit and ego. Most importantlybeing true is accompanied with smiles, and cheer.

We have found, that when you seek to always create an environment that is true, a charmingly fearless collaborative client-agency culture forms. Enabling all involved to know that what is presented, created and shown to the world, is inspired and without compromise. We also believe that once you commit to this philosophy in an agency, there is no going backafter all, who wants to work with someone who isn't true? =)

Expect this from Caffelli:

  1. Conversations without sugarcoating or salesmanship. Conversations with respect.
  2. Ideas that may be challenging or unexpected, but always inspired.
  3. That we go native. We aren't in the business of speculationwe become your consumer so that we can talk directly to your audience.
  4. An agency that respects its staff like it is family. Because let's face it, the revolving-door agency model is a disservice to us and our clients.

What is a geeky creative agency?

To us geeky is defined by an abnormal insight into complex processes expressed by an unfathomable exuberance for granular qualities that most could care less about. We believe that clients should only work with those who geek-out on what they are designing, messaging, strategizing and promoting.

Ways in which we are geeky:

  • We speak l33t. Gaming, open-source, programmingwe've lived and breathed it. Our Executive Creative Director was even one of the first ever sponsored gamers. No joke.
  • We compile colors in PMS, Hex, RGB and CMYK.
  • Our staff has a collection of t-shirts with obscure music, movie and design references.
  • We are stacked with Nike garb.
  • We have helped define 'geek' enthusiast markets for companies in high-tech, fashion, and music industries.
  • We often get excited about movie, sporting, and game references that are followed by blank stares from innocent bystanders.

Our name is Caffelli.

What is a brand, without a story? A story without a name? A name without a meaning? Our name is born from a hard-working direct lineage of Italian industrial designerswho dedicated their life's work to form and function. One of which embarked on an unknown journey to South America after the catastrophe that laid waste to Europe post World War II. Arriving in the unassuming city of Lima, this young and vibrant Italian raised a sign that read 'Caffelli' above his shoppe. Lima has since grown into a metropolis, yet this late designer and his contributions to design and his community are all but forgotten.

Decades later, under the same moniker and values, we continue our journey of inspired creative for the world's top brands. To work with Caffelli, is to work with those who care about their name, and legacy. Much the samewe will care for yours.